The chalet has a geothermal heat exchanger: During hot summer days, it pre-cools the outside air with cold glycol water circulating around the chalet a few meters deep.

In summer, during severe heat waves, this keeps the chalet at “normal” temperatures (maximum 24-25°C) under certain conditions:

  • Close all doors and windows. Always keep them closed. Let the ventilation manage the air circulation.
  • Lower the shutters. Avoid at all costs that the sun’s rays touch the windows. To do this, lower the electric shutters of the house on the sun side:
    • Kitchen and living room shutters in the morning (until around 2 p.m.). You can open the shutters again as soon as there is no longer any direct sunlight on the windows.
    • Shutters on the terrace side from approximately 3 p.m.
  • For a barbecue in the evening, choose the emergency exit (in the shade) instead of the terrace exit.
  • Be sure to always keep the doors closed.
  • However, if the chalet is too hot, wait until nightfall, around 4-7 a.m. (when the temperatures are lowest) and apply shock ventilation. To do this, open all the doors and windows, circulate the air throughout the house for about 10 minutes to lower the temperature of the house, then close everything. Don’t forget to close the shutters!