Trekking routes

The region of the “Hautes Vosges” is absolutely perfect for long trekking routes. Be it on foot, or with a Mountain-bike or road bikes. The “Tour de France” passes usually through the Vosges-Mountains and it is not uncommon to see fast road bicycles in the region during summer. Many routes are also for bikers/motorcycles.

We’ll show you some of the multiple possibilities with images below:

Around Rochesson, starting from the chalet you have three nice routes to the “Vierge”, around the village and to the Ducs…:

From Rochesson Village: Every year there is a national “walk” in Rochesson, which qualifies for high mountain trekking. The routes are shown below for 10, 16, 20 and 30km. You can intercept them from the chalet.

Some of these routes pass by the “Saut du Bouchot”, a must see waterfall. You can also go there by car if you do not want to walk. Parking space is right nearby.

Then, of course the must see is the highest point in the region, the “Ballon d’Alsace”:

For bikers and MTB or Bicycles we recommend the “Tour des Lacs” via Gérardmer, Xonrupt-Longemer, Retournemer, Tenine, Lispach and La Bresse back to Rochesson. Beautiful !


A list of the trekking routes in the region can be found here: randonnées et découverte