Fire place or heating system

The fire-place is a fully integrated heating system. During the winter, when there is not enough sun, it supplements the house’s energy needs in hot water.

ATTENTION: Use only in Winter with wintery (low) temperatures.

FIRE: To start a fire, open the two air intakes, one for the glass- cover (slide the small lever towards the plus) and the other for the air extractor (pull the big lever upper right hand side).

Once the fire ist started and you have a homogenous combustion, close the air extractor (push lever in on the upper right hand side) and modulate the glass vent according to your needs.

If you open the glass door, open the air vent/extractor first (pull lever upper right hand side), then the glass door.

Remember to always use this procedure. First pull air vent, then open door.

One heating cycle is sufficient to heat the house for 3-5 days including warm water.

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